Having a patio in your backyard makes the entire space feel much better connected to your home. It gives you an area where you can hang out with your friends and family, soak up the sun, or even get into cooking and barbequing. And, when it is developed by a team of experts, then it can be a gorgeous signature product in your total landscape aesthetic. At Stamped Concrete Pembroke Pines, that is what we aim to provide to you, through our elite stamped concrete patio services. For a very affordable price, we can bring you a stunning new patio installation, made to exactly your preference. Simply give us a call today and tell us what your perfect patio would look like and our team can get to work bringing it to life.

Custom Designed Patio

Every single home and backyard is different. So, every patio should be different too, so that it can fit in with its unique space. That is why custom design should be a must and something that our team places a lot of importance on. At the end of the day, we want to give each of our clients the product that is most going to suit them. So, if you have any particular ideas for what you might like your patio to look like, then you can count on us being the team to handle the task.

Stamp Designs

Stamping is the number one way to create the concrete design of your choosing. Made to recreate the premium looks of materials like cobble, flagstone, and even wood grain, there are endless possibilities to achieve a look that you want. At the same time, you get to benefit from the high durability and long-lasting properties that you would with any other concrete installation. So, choose the right texture or shape for you and leave our team to stamp it across the entire surface of your new patio.

Additional Color Stains

If you want to reproduce the natural look of something like sandstone or slate, then you are going to want to achieve the same color and tone. This can make a dramatic difference to the finished product and we recommend that all of our clients choose a stain for their patio. Choose from our eclectic range and find the perfect one, and our team will sensitively apply it to your new patio.

Affordable Prices

On its own, concrete is a very affordable material. Especially when you consider the endless range of aesthetic options that you can choose from, you get value for money. On top of this, when you make the wise choice to enlist the services of our team, you’ll be saving even more than you bargain for, thanks to our incredibly affordable services. We can design and install your new patio for some of the most affordable prices anywhere in South Florida, so nothing is stopping you from giving us a call and getting the patio of your dreams, today.

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