For anybody that already has a garage or a basement in their homes, you already know that you use the space for storage, DIY, mechanics, and so many other similar things. All of these need to be in a properly equipped room, that is prepared for hardwearing activities. So, it should go without saying that you need a durable flooring. At Stamped Concrete Pembroke Pines, we can deliver you the perfect thing with our great concrete mix. Our concrete garage and basement floors are incredibly tough and will the perfect addition to any garage or worship, residential or commercial. So, give us a call today and let us know the perfect installation for you and we would be glad to deliver it.

Garage Floors

Whether you need a completely new garage floor installing or you would like us to resurface your existing one, we can guarantee swift and effective results. We’ll pour out a fresh layer of our high-grade concrete mix, spreading it evenly and generously across the space. If you would like, we can mix this with a colored stain, add a texture, or simply leave it with a clean finish. Just let us know and we’ll make sure that your new garage floor is exactly the way that you would like it.

Basement Floors

We can say the same for our basement floor installations and these will always be made to an equally high standard. You may also be pleased to know that if you intend for your home basement to be the source of your foundations as well, then our team is more than capable of doing this. So, leave us to take care of the installation and we will produce a precise and stable structure that can bear the weight of anything above, as well as stand up to the wear and tear of use. Whatever style is going to be ideal for you, we’ll make sure that you have the sturdy installation that you need.

Commercial Workshop Floors

For those who work in mechanics, construction shops, or anything else similar, having a durable floor is important to your work. Wooden flooring would be scratched up within a week and carpets would be torn up without any difficulty. However, one of our excellent concrete floors would be ideal, lasting you a very long time and taking on the stress and wear of just about any heavy-duty task. So, let our team deliver you one and allow us to show you just how effective one could be for you.

Epoxy Coatings

And, the best way for you to guarantee the strength and longevity of our concrete flooring is our quality epoxy coating. As well as giving a sleek aesthetic, an epoxy coating would add so much strength and resistance to the material, as well as protecting it from moisture damage and staining. So, just let us know if you would like us to make the addition and we would be more than happy to include it in your new flooring.

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